We are delighted that you are considering being married in the Christian Church and specifically at Church of the Epiphany-Tempe. For over 50 years our sacred spaces have been the setting for many splendid weddings. We believe marriage is a joyful event and a public proclamation of the love between two people, and the blessing of Christ on that union.

We encourage you to contact our priest, The Rev. Hunter Ruffin, at least 6 months in advance of your wedding date for an initial conversation about Christian marriage.

Who is eligible for the sacrament of Holy Matrimony at Church of the Epiphany?

We are an open and welcoming community of people at Church of the Epiphany, and we welcome all into our parish family! We also believe in the sacredness of the sacrament of marriage. Thus, we offer the sacrament of marriage to our current congregation members.  We are required by National and Diocesan Canon Law to conduct pre-marital instruction sessions in advance of any marriage service.  The Episcopal Church Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage liturgy is contained in our Book of Common Prayer.

Can we be married at Church of the Epiphany if one or both parties have been divorced?

If there has been a divorce for one or both parties intending to be married, permission of the Bishop of the Diocese of Arizona must be obtained. This upholds the Church’s pastoral responsibility to ensure that divorced persons fully comprehend the reasons for the failure of the first marriage. Therefore, a minimum of 3 months is needed between initiating the wedding paperwork and the date of the proposed wedding.

What is Pre-marital instruction?

We at Church of the Epiphany feel it to be enormously important to offer to those being married here a significant opportunity to lay the groundwork for their life together. Pre-marital instruction begins approximately 3 months before your wedding date and will include a minimum of 6 sessions. As a couple, you will meet with our priest to discuss important topics that will naturally arise in the life of any couple.