'Welcome' Tagged Posts

'Welcome' Tagged Posts

Welcome: Unity of Tempe

In the last several months, our parish has been approached by a number of groups who were looking for places to host meetings and gatherings as the pandemic restrictions allowed them to regather for in-person meetings. In the course of the last seven months, it has meant that we welcomed five new AA or Al-Anon groups to our campus. In fact, we have an AA or Al-Anon group meeting on our campus all but two nights of the week! The…

Sunday Morning Hospitality Team

Every Sunday, we gather as a community to worship God, and once worship is concluded we look forward to the 8th sacrament of the church: coffee and donuts. At Church of the Epiphany, we need your help to make coffee hour a success! You can help us by joining a Sunday Morning Hospitality Team! Each team will be made up of 4 people and will serve once every 8 weeks or about 6 times a year. To volunteer for a…