'Vocation' Tagged Posts

'Vocation' Tagged Posts

A Symphony of Joy

A few weeks ago, I was reflecting one the ways that starlings come together in what is called a murmuration. The starlings dance across the sky together and create images of joy as they share in the joys of flying together. The joy of flying together seems to emanate outwards from the starlings as we are captured by the swooping dives they make in the sky. Perhaps, the joy that we feel in watching the starlings is that we get…

Finding Vocation: A Way of Belonging

In the past two months, most of us have entered some kind of state of isolation. It is important to point out that those of us that have been able to do so are the privileged ones in our society. We are the ones that have the luxury of working from the safety of our homes in the midst of a plague that is sweeping the world. We have been able to remain inside a harbor while a storm has…