'Time' Tagged Posts

'Time' Tagged Posts

The Gift Economy of Pentecost

In 2016, I took a trip with some parishioners from Saint Michael’s and All Angels parish to Honduras to visit and work alongside a community that the parish had been supporting for well over ten years. Each year, a group of parishioners would gather supplies and money to go down to Honduras to work in community improvement projects, to provide some basic fluoride treatment for children’s teeth, and to host classes with students in the local Episcopal School. By the…

The Fast I Choose

The weeks of Lent are ticking by, and I must confess that I find them to be doing so a bit too quickly for my comfort! It feels like Easter is nearly here, and already, I do not have enough time to tend to the season of Lent in the way that I would like to: through prayer, study of God’s holy Word, and through fasting. I am feeling the pressure of the world governed by the tyranny of time…