'Saints' Tagged Posts

'Saints' Tagged Posts

I Sing a song of the Saints of God

Yesterday after I completed another run on the treadmill in an empty gym, my Apple Watch buzzed with a special notification – the Unity Award in their fitness app. For closing my move ring on my watch for seven days in a row, I was given the Unity Award in recognition of Black History Month. Needless to say, the Unity Award in the Apple Watch is really nothing for anyone to brag about. It has very little to do with…

The Faithfulness of the Saints

Back in March, as the COVID-19 pandemic began to unfold and to have major impacts in the United States and as our own parish responded with modified worship services being hosted online, I, along with our wardens and vestry, shared in the concern of what the crisis was going to mean for our parish. Would we be able to weather the storm enough to come through the other side? How will we need to respond to the pandemic in order…