'Relationship' Tagged Posts

'Relationship' Tagged Posts

Rogation, Creation, and a Pandemic

In one week’s time, the Church will celebrate the Feast of the Ascension on May 21. It is a feast day that happens every year and is considered one of the principle feasts of the church year. On the Sunday prior to the feast of the Ascension, the church recognizes another type of celebration called Rogation Sunday.  Rogation days originated in the 5th century in France when a bishop called for days of fasting and prayer to ward off a…

Currency of Relationship

On Wednesday night, we had about 16 people that gathered in the parish hall to reflect on the ways that we can steward many other currencies outside of money in our efforts to build sustainable missional ministries in our neighborhood. We spent time looking at the ways that relationship internally and externally are central to the ways that we experience and share the grace of God with others that we encounter. We also spent some time brainstorming ways that our…