'Otherness' Tagged Posts

'Otherness' Tagged Posts

The Vulnerability Of The Other

It is never easy. You find yourself in a moment in which you need to tell someone something about yourself that, until this point, you have worked tirelessly to hide from the public. In fact, it has been that thing that kept you drowning in a sea of shame because you had been told that part of who you are is bad or sinful or wrong or sick or pathologic or some other equally demeaning and demoralizing word. Through years…

Community in Otherness

Yesterday, I had the great fortune of being part of a small group conversation with some other clergy folks in our local area. In our conversation, we were exploring the question of what the role of our institutions (churches, temples, etc) is in the current context of the United States and, perhaps more importantly, in the current context of the state of Arizona. We were attempting to discern the role that each of us has to play within our respective…