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'Liturgy' Tagged Posts

The Shaping of Liturgy

In his book For the Life of the World, liturgical theologian Alexander Schmemann begins his small treatise on the sacramental life of the church with an opening chapter that is boldly asking where it is that the sacramental life of the church actually begins. Is it through Christ that we receive the sacraments? (To which, of course, we can only respond with a resounding yes.) Or is it that God gifted to humanity the sacramental life from the very beginning?…

What is Liturgy?

What is liturgy? This is the question that we began with during our Advent Wednesday forum last night. It makes sense for us to begin with a question of what liturgy actually is because of the role that it plays in the life of our parish. As Episcopalians, we are the weird ones on the Protestant block because we have held on to the sacramental life of the church in a way that is very different from most of our…