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'Incarnation' Tagged Posts

Traveling Incarnation: An invitation to Holy Week

A few years ago, in my first or second year of priestly ministry, I was standing in the sacristy of the parish with our interim rector as we vested for the next Good Friday service. As we were vesting for the service, I shared a remark along the lines of, “Well, today we get life and death on a single day – incarnation and crucifixion.” My interim rector paused and asked what I was referencing, and I pointed to the…

Living the Incarnation

It’s hard to believe that we are returning to in-person worship on Sunday. It has been such a long time since we have been able to worship together, to break bread together, to find Christ together. It has been a time of fasting for us as we have worshiped by way of online technology and have gone without Holy Eucharist for nearly seven months. The fast has invited us to dive a little more deeply into our personal relationship with…