'Hope' Tagged Posts

'Hope' Tagged Posts

Sharing Resurrection

At the beginning of the week this week, I began listening to a new podcast being produced by The Episcopal Church. For the last several years, The Episcopal Church has hosted a conference called Evangelism Matters. The conference brought together lay and clergy leaders from across the church to learn in community with one another and to create new ideas for how to go about the business of sharing God’s love with the world in our local contexts.  Of course,…

Finding Hope in Exile

As I sit down to write this week’s reflection, I am struck by one overwhelming feeling: exhaustion. The year that we are in has been and continues to be a year that has offered little in the way of rejuvenation. It has been a year of continuous challenges, and it has been a year in which we have had to do things so very differently. On top of all of that, we find ourselves inside a moment of further uncertainty…