'Formation' Tagged Posts

'Formation' Tagged Posts

Building Up the Body of Christ

As I have been around the church and in conversations with colleagues working in parishes and missions over all different types and sizes, I have often encountered the conversation around Christian formation. In most of the conversations that I have had with lay ministers in our beloved church, I hear questions about Sunday school, and it is almost always couched in the form of what we are going to provide for children inn order to attract the families that we…

What is Liturgy?

What is liturgy? This is the question that we began with during our Advent Wednesday forum last night. It makes sense for us to begin with a question of what liturgy actually is because of the role that it plays in the life of our parish. As Episcopalians, we are the weird ones on the Protestant block because we have held on to the sacramental life of the church in a way that is very different from most of our…