'Conversation' Tagged Posts

'Conversation' Tagged Posts

The Conversation of Invitation

When we seek to use conversation as a model of leadership in community, it is important to understand the kind of community that we are seek to create. Conversation is flowing and only unfolds because of the presence of multiple voices in the room. It is an act that is, by its very nature, restorative to relationship. To create conversation is to issue an invitation, either formally or informally, for others to participate. It is to create an open space…

Naming the (Im)Possible

Last week, I offered a post about the importance of naming the future God is inviting us to inhabit through the practice of naming the possibilities into which we wish to live. In that post, I talked about the ways that we name the very possibilities that are important to us and how naming those possibilities in community when something is at stake is part of what leads us down new roads and into the uncharted territory of innovation. The…