'Communion' Tagged Posts

'Communion' Tagged Posts

A Living Sacrifice, Holy & Acceptable to God

It’s has been a long spring season as we turn the corner to the summer months. The last 90 days have been incredibly different for us as a church, and we have shifted how we practice community time and again as we have attempted to weather the Coronavirus pandemic that is gripping the world right now. We began those shifts around March 15 of this year. On Sunday, we will mark a full 90 days of worshipping by remote means,…

Being the Church in Anxious Times

Over the last several days, the news around COVID-19, novel coronavirus, has been a shifting landscape in our country. In addition to the news from around the world, we have seen communities in the United States that have had to respond to a spreading number of cases, and we have seen major institutions, like Arizona State University, take actions to help prevent the spread of the virus in the areas they serve. As this news has spread, it is normal…