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Currency of Relationship

On Wednesday night, we had about 16 people that gathered in the parish hall to reflect on the ways that we can steward many other currencies outside of money in our efforts to build sustainable missional ministries in our neighborhood. We spent time looking at the ways that relationship internally and externally are central to the ways that we experience and share the grace of God with others that we encounter. We also spent some time brainstorming ways that our…

The Shaping of Liturgy

In his book For the Life of the World, liturgical theologian Alexander Schmemann begins his small treatise on the sacramental life of the church with an opening chapter that is boldly asking where it is that the sacramental life of the church actually begins. Is it through Christ that we receive the sacraments? (To which, of course, we can only respond with a resounding yes.) Or is it that God gifted to humanity the sacramental life from the very beginning?…