'Baptism' Tagged Posts

'Baptism' Tagged Posts

The Water of Baptism

Dear Friends in Christ, I write to you today after an extraordinary 24 hours in our nation. We have witnessed outrageous behavior, and we have witnessed how a few used violence inside the halls of our government – of our nation’s capital – and have threatened the fabric of our nation as a democracy that practices the peaceful transition of power.  The images from yesterday are raw and disturbing images. They are images that I never thought I would see…

Listening to the Holy

A few nights ago, I was on (another) Zoom call with a small group of parishioners that is working to plan the next parish council meeting, which is scheduled for August 22, 2020. (Have you RSVPed yet? If not, you can do so here!) During the course of the conversation, one of the parishioners asked, quite plainly, what the hope for the parish council is in the bigger picture of Church of the Epiphany. It was a question about what…