Foundations of Apostles & Prophets

Foundations of Apostles & Prophets

In the Book of Acts, we follow the first steps the apostles took after Jesus’s resurrection and ascension. In those days, it was hard for the apostles to predict what the future held open for them, but they continued to have faith and to share the Good News of Christ Jesus.

In our own age, we are facing an uncertain future as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic that has swept the world. At Church of the Epiphany-Tempe, we are attempting to build off of the foundations of the apostles and prophets (Eph. 2:20 NRSV) for the future that will come. Join us in preparing for the future by making a one-time special gift to Church of the Epiphany. In particular, we invite you to consider making:

  • A tithe of your government stimulus check
  • If you are working or do not need the stimulus check, help us strengthen our foundations by gifting 100% of your stimulus check

Join us in building on the foundations of the apostles and prophets as we prepare for the future the Church will inhabit.

How will this money be used?

All of the money raised through this campaign will be used to help our parish restructure the debt on our parish buildings. In addition, we will be tithing from the total amount raised to support two organizations in our local community: Tempe Community Action Agency and Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank. These two agencies were chosen because of the ways they continue the serve the most vulnerable in our community.

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