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April 2020

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Apr 5, 2020

Children’s Sunday School (1st-5th Grades)

In the 2019-2020 program year, our children will share in the stories found in the Old Testament portion of the Bible. The Old Testament books are filled with the stories of people that listened to God’s call in surprising ways. From the Garden of Eden to Abraham and Moses and the prophets, the stories of the Old Testament help our children share their own stories of faith in their own way.
Apr 5, 2020

Confirmation: Exploring Questions of Faith

In The Episcopal Church, many people are baptized when they are infants, and our parents and sponsors spoke on our behalf. The rite of Confirmation is a time when we are able to make those same promises to God for ourselves. In preparation for confirmation, Church of the Epiphany is offering a year long confirmation class for our youth that are preparing to enter into a life of faith for themselves. The class is a time for our youth to…
Apr 5, 2020

Epiphany Youth: Getting Real with Faith

The Epiphany Youth (9th-12th grades) will meet every Sunday at 9:15am to explore the challenges of faith and how we live out the call of the Gospel in our everyday lives. The class focuses on having the conversations that are important to our youth. The youth host their own conversations and explore the ways that they carry their faith into their everyday lives.
Apr 5, 2020

Episcopal Beliefs & Practices: Adult Confirmation Preparation

In the early church, the season of Lent was not only a time of repentance and being rejoined to the Body of Christ; it was also the season in which the final preparations were being made by persons wishing to be baptized. In that spirit, Church of the Epiphany is proud to offer Episcopal Beliefs & Practices on the Sundays in Lent. Register for the Online Discussion Group During the COVID-19 health emergency, we are hosting our discussion online using…
Apr 6, 2020

Valley Interfaith Project Education Funding Civic Academy

Our parish is teaming up with Tempe Community Christian, Tempe Elementary Education Association and Valley Interfaith Project to host a Civic Academy on Education Funding on Monday, March 23, at 6:30pm, in the Parish Hall. The agenda will include an update on K-12 funding, explore the options for a permanent, sustainable investment in public schools, including the Invest in Ed initiative, and explain how we can get involved in supporting all our children and our schools. Join us for an…
Apr 7, 2020


Apr 8, 2020

Wednesday Discipleship Group

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update In this moment, we are being encouraged to practice certain measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus. With that in mind, we are hosting our mid-week Bible study using online technology. To join us online, simply click this link to register and receive the video conference information. You will need to download the Zoom software and install it on your computer. Once installed, you will be able to join the meeting each week! Join Church of…
Apr 15, 2020

Service of Healing with Holy Eucharist

On Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm, we gather in the intimate space of the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament to support each other in prayer and to seek healing through the power of God’s love. Persons that wish to receive laying on of hands and anointing are invited to come forward for prayers and unction by one of our priests. The service continues with Holy Eucharist in which we consecrate bread and wine to be the body and blood of Christ.…
Apr 19, 2020

Vestry Meeting

The vestry meets once a month with the exception of July. Unless the vestry goes into executive session, the meetings are open to any that wish to attend. Visitors that are not members of the vestry are asked to respect the work of the vestry by taking on the role of an observer. As such, we ask that visitors observe the meetings in silence and sit along the edge of the conference room.
Apr 22, 2020

Worship on Wednesday

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update During the current public health emergency, Church of the Epiphany has suspended our mid-week worship services to help slow the spread of the virus.
Apr 24, 2020

Youth Group, Night of Service

Youth Group, Night of Service is available for all students grades 7th -12th. We will be joining the youth at St. Augustine’s on the fourth Friday of every month @ 4:30 pm to assist with the iHelp program and other various acts of service. All of the hours served on fourth Fridays qualify towards high school service hours.
Apr 25, 2020

Habitat for Humanity

*NO building experience or tools necessary* You need to be at least 16 years old. Lunch is provided, and carpooling to the building site is available! To sign up or for more information please contact:Aaron Van Briesen – 480-220-0842 or  Email – vanbriesen@yahoo.com
Apr 26, 2020

Living Discipleship: A Journey through the Bible

Living Discipleship: Exploring the Bible takes participants on a journey through the scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation. One of the main ways that we know and understand the hope to which God has called us is the gift of God’s Word, the Bible. By focusing on the vast narrative of the scriptures, we can see the great story of God’s love from the beginning of creation, through the life of Jesus Christ, and in our own time, guided by the Holy…
May 1, 2020

East Valley Intergroup Monthly AA Speaker Meeting

Social Time starts at 7pm | Meeting starts at 7:30pm For more information: Contact EVI Office at (480) 827-1905 E-mail – info@aamesaaz.org Show up early and join the EVI Special Events Committee! Meets at 6:30pm before the Monthly Speaker Meeting www.aamesaaz.org