Oct 18, 2020

Vestry Meeting

The vestry meets once a month with the exception of July. Unless the vestry goes into executive session, the meetings are open to any that wish to attend. Visitors that are not members of the vestry are asked to respect the work of the vestry by taking on the role of an observer. As such, we ask that visitors observe the meetings in silence and sit along the edge of the conference room.
Nov 14, 2020

The Parish Council

The Parish Council is a collection of ministry councils that help all of our ministries focus on the things that they do best. The Parish Council includes the ministry councils of Invite, Connect, Disciple, and Serve.  Invite Council – The Invite Council includes the ministry areas of worship, evangelism/invitation, stewardship, and communications. The ministries in this area reflect the different ways that we invite our neighbors to get to know us and to get to know the love of God made…