Nov 10, 2019

The Sound of Light by Helios

Light is a timeless, powerful image that bridges cultures, belief systems, and artistic expression. In mythology, the Greeks believed Helios to be the god of the sun. Composers of the Medieval and Renaissance Catholic church believed Christ to be the light of the world. Guided by their devotion, they crafted diverse pieces expressing the many meanings of light both sacred and profane. Featured repertoire: Pérotin – Viderunt Omnes Diogo Dias Melgás – Salve Regina Jean Richafort – Lux aeterna Tickets…
Feb 16, 2020

A Voice in the Desert by Helios

Our desert home is full of wondrous things and brims with life unique to our part of the world. Helios is also unique with its approach to early music by bringing to light lesser-known masterpieces, along with pieces well-known to lovers of this time period. This program also includes the third and final section of the Lagrime di San Pietro. Featured repertoire: Giovanni da Palestrina – Surge, propera amica mea Thomas Weelkes – Alleluia, I heard a voice Heinrich Schütz…
May 10, 2020

A Modern Renaissance by Helios

Renewal and rebirth are hallmarks of the Renaissance. Our final performance brings this to life with music that was forward thinking and challenging to listeners of the time. We also present a set of pieces whose missing parts were reconstructed by a modern master. The programs ends with a reimagining of a master’s work. Featured repertoire: Jacob Obrecht – Missa “Sub tuum praesidium” Carlo Gesualdo – Illumina nos Claudio Monteverdi – Gloria in excelsis Deo Tickets are available for purchase online…