Baptism, Confirmation, Reaffirmation, and Reception

Baptism, Confirmation, Reaffirmation, and Reception

Holy Baptism

Holy Baptism is the sacrament by which one embraces the Christian way and becomes a member of Christ’s body, the Church. Baptism is an event of primary significance and celebration, not just for the individual, but for the whole church. In fact, Holy Baptism is so important that the whole church enters into covenant relationship with God and with each other. We believe that baptism is where we begin walking the way of Jesus Christ and that we need each other to make that lifelong journey. As such, we offer the sacrament of Holy Baptism to our current congregation members and their immediate family.

So…what does that mean for you? It means that if you have been attending Church of the Epiphany for at least three months and are actively involved in giving of your time, talent, and treasure, then you or your family member would be eligible for baptism at Church of the Epiphany.

The intent of this policy is to keep and uphold the sanctity of the promises made by our congregation during the liturgy, which asks the entire congregation to make solemn promises to the newly baptized and their family to uphold and sustain them on their Christian journey.   The liturgy for Holy Baptism for the Episcopal Church is contained in our Book of Common Prayer.

If you are interested in discussing baptism and what that means for you or a member of your family, please contact our priest, The Rev. Hunter Ruffin.

Confirmation, Reaffirmation, and Reception

Confirmation, reaffirmation, and reception are ministries specifically given to the bishop, the chief pastor of the diocese. During the bishop’s visit to the parish or at a diocesan service held at the cathedral, persons are able to make a public affirmation of faith and receive the laying on of hands from the bishop.

Reaffirmation is for persons interested in reaffirming their faith in Christ in a public celebration. Reception is for persons that have been confirmed in another tradition and wish to be formally received into The Episcopal Church.

For more information about confirmation, reaffirmation, and reception, please contact our priest, The Rev. Hunter Ruffin.