2021 Vestry and Diocesan Delegate Candidates

2021 Vestry and Diocesan Delegate Candidates

Vestry Candidates

Dave Bauer,  1 year term

Dave Bauer was appointed mid-year to serve the remainder of Dan Bradley’s term after his resignation. Dave now stands for election for the remaining year of that term. Dave has experience as a Vestry member, most recently stepping down in January of 2018. He has been involved with the Epiphany sound department for a few years, bringing his expertise and many hours of volunteer hours. He and his wife, Val, have been members of Epiphany for several years and both are active in many areas of parish life.

Al Morello,  1 year term

My name is Al Morello, but you may know me better as the guy who provides live music entertainment at the MOE Fish Fry, the Chili Supper, and the Pancake Dinner (not to mention the reigning wine tasting champion). I’m a native of Arizona, having attended Thew, Connolly, McClintock and finally graduating Magna Cum Laude from ASU school of music. I’m originally Roman Catholic and I have been attending Epiphany since April 2018. I’m a music composer by occupation and I have been glad to assist the church with audio/visual needs during the pandemic. I also contribute to the community by working with volunteer organizations such as Luv of Dogz, AZ K9, the International Rescue Committee, and the Arizona Asian American Bar Association. With my strong ties to the community, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to church goals and activities. 

Dianne Spillum,  3 year term

My name is Diane Spillum and I have been raised as a cradle to grave Episcopalian. I have been a member of Church of the Epiphany for 16 years. It would be an honor to serve on the Vestry. I bring many skills to the table. Working in management and being a middle child, I have developed the art of negotiating and problem solving.  I currently serve on the Altar Guild and as an Usher. I feel the Vestry will expand my ministry through the Church of Epiphany. 

Pam Waterman,  3 year term

I’m a two-year Episcopalian/63-year Catholic who is very happy to have a new home at Epiphany. From the couple of years in which I occasionally visited this campus to my first conversation with Lyn Jensen, to my coffees with Fr. Hunter, I have felt very welcome; if it weren’t for COVID I’d have asked to be blessed by the Bishop this past visit. I have a lot to learn about how our church fits into the bigger picture of the US and global Episcopal Church structure, but I am very pleased with the sense of local community. My faith needs never-ending work (and Bible-study is not my thing), but if I can help with some of the practical decision-making for Epiphany, I feel I should share my time to ensure that we thrive. My career has covered work in astronomy, electrical engineering, preschool activities/STEM, cookbook authoring and freelance technical writing; my current job is as a 3D printing application engineer at PADT Inc. in Tempe and I love the challenge of helping customers with a different application every day. I like to be organized and don’t mind doing online research and digging for details. I had to ask what Vestry members do (!) but it seems you are all willing to help new people figure out their roles. (I also love to sew.)

Alex Davis,  3 year term

I work at ASU, where I support the university’s water conservation commitments and manage data collection for our sustainability reporting. Raised Roman Catholic, I joined the Episcopal Church when I married my wife Michelle at Trinity Cathedral, Phoenix. I’ve been a member of Epiphany since we moved back to Tempe in 2019. Before attending Epiphany, I was a member of Christ Church Cambridge in Massachusetts, where I served for four years on the property committee and 2.5 years on the Vestry. Much of my work focused on supporting a capital campaign, the installation of a rooftop solar electric system, and the work of caring for a 250-year-old church building. I have an engineering background and experience with financial analysis. I’m passionate about operational efficiency and sustainability, and hope to support Epiphany’s work of serving our community.

Amy Douglas, Junior Warden

I am a life-long Episcopalian. During the fourth through seventh grades, I attended a parochial Episcopal school in New York City. Some of my fondest memories are going to Saint John the Divine for our Christmas pageant and other special services. There is a stone dedicated in memory of my mother in the ongoing construction of that cathedral. My daughter Anelia (Nellie) was baptized at Church of the Epiphany in 1998. Epiphany has been an integral part of my daughter’s life as she has grown up. I came to Epiphany because of the warmth and sense of community I felt. I have served on the vestry for a partial and full term. I was a member of the search committee for the current Rector. My service on the Property Management Committee has given me a good overall familiarity with the church campus. In my job as a museum director, I managed a museum facility including two multimillion dollar renovation projects. I also managed a historic house museum so I am familiar with the national standards for maintenance and restoration of historic buildings like our very own Farmhouse. I look forward to serving on the vestry as Junior Warden.

Mary O’Grady

Meet your new Senior Warden!

Diocesan Delegate Candidates

Cassandra Swick

Cassandra has worshipped at Epiphany for fifteen years and has served as the Church School/youth group director and as a lay preacher.  She has participated in a number of ministries over the years, including Paz de Cristo, being a lay Eucharistic visitor, and helping out with various things during the liturgy.  She loves Diocesan Convention because it lets her see what other Episcopalians are doing throughout the state.

Carmen Valenzuela

I’d be honored to represent Epiphany at the Diocesan Convention. It is a great way to see what other parishes are doing and whether the ideas, new programs, etc., might be beneficial for our community. As a delegate, we are to study any items put forward for the business meeting of the convention, including many items that potentially affect our local parish life and thus deserve intentional consideration. We are to do the work of the church and remain open to the Spirit’s influence. As a delegate, I would bring a deep understanding of who Epiphany is and what is in keeping with our values as a faith community within the broader Episcopal context.

Linda Spencer-Walters

I am Linda Spencer-Walters and my family has been a part of Church of the Epiphany since 2000, with me serving in different ministries over the years. I was born and raised an Anglican and so, it runs in my blood. Serving as a delegate for the Diocesan Convention is a true calling of God putting me in the right path to glorify His name.

Stanlie James

I have been an Episcopalian ever since I can remember–I grew up in Des Moines, IA where I attended what has since been renamed the  Cathedral Church of St. Paul.  Before coming to Epiphany I lived in Madison, WI and attended St Dunstan’s Episcopal Church where I served on the vestry, was Jr. Warden and chair of the Search Committee. I regularly attended the conventions in the Diocese of Milwaukee and served on the Standing Committee as well as a number of other diocesan committees.  I came to Epiphany in 2006 when I moved to Az. and have been involved in our church in several different ways–as a member of the vestry for five years, and as a lector.  As a delegate, I believe I bring a thoughtful, prayerful presence and a commitment to collaboration in the business of our annual convention.

Valri Bauer

 Epiphany is the church family that welcomed my family when we arrived in Arizona over 20 years ago.  We have been active in many aspects of parish life over the years. Representing the congregation of the Church of the Epiphany as a delegate to the Arizona diocesan convention is both an honor and a great responsibility.  As a delegate, I would communicate the views of parish in the governing decisions that will impact our churches as we move forward.  I enjoy reading and studying the various proposed changes and discussing them ahead of time with my fellow congregants.  I look forward to being a voice for Epiphany.